Activities in Lefkada

  • Relax on the beach

    Lefkada counts many impressive beaches where you can relax and swim in turquoise waters. Of particular beauty are Egremnoi, Kathisma and Porto Katsiki. Accessible by boat or car, these beaches, especially Porto Katsiki, are simply breathtaking and definitely worth the trouble. But there are many more shores to see, such as Agios Ioannis, Agios Nikitas, Mylos, Vassiliki, Skala Gialou, Nidri or Pefkoulia. You won’t be disappointed, whichever you choose!

  • Walking at Lefkada town

    The capital of Lefkada is home to a colourful mosaic of buildings, two-storied houses, churches and cobbled streets. When you arrive on the island, the first stop bears the marks of the strong earthquakes that shook its shores in 1867 and in 1948, nearly destroying the entire island. As such, the new constructions, covered with coloured sheets of metal, offer an interesting aspect. Cheerful and welcoming, the town includes a small harbour and a marina lined with restaurants, cafés and bars.

  • Windsurfing

    Adrenaline seekers, Lefkada is an excellent place for windsurfing and paragliding. In fact, the beach of Vassiliki, south of Nidri, is considered the best windsurfing spot in Europe.
    The conditions are ideal in the morning, especially for beginners, as the wind gets stronger as the day progresses. Paragliding is equally popular in Lefkada, and if you are a little daredevil, it is an amazing experience. Several companies offer paragliding flights on the island, which is an excellent way to admire the breathtaking landscape of Lefkada.

  • Visit Archaeological Museum

    Not only is it all fun and games in Lefkada, but you can also get some culture at a few of the museums located on the island, such as the Archaeological Museum. The museum, located along the waterfront within the cultural centre, holds a collection of findings dating back to the Paleolithic era to the late Roman period.
    One of the rooms is dedicated to the findings of the famous archaeologist, William Dorpfeld, responsible for the many excavations on the island.

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