Is it possible to include additional guests later?2019-05-11T10:22:37+02:00

Yes, if there is sufficient room in the apartment. If there is a per guest or per bedroom rate, you will be charged for the additional costs.

Who would be our contact for anything we may need while we are there?2019-05-11T10:21:23+02:00

Depending on the apartment there might be a property manager or owner who lives on the property or very close by. In many locations we have our own team on the ground, and our support team is available 24/7 if you need our help.

Are the apartments equipped with air conditioning?2019-05-11T10:19:58+02:00

All apartments offer central air conditioning while others may have additional fans to cool the apartments .

Are all apartments safe for kids or child-friendly?2019-05-11T10:18:27+02:00

All apartments are designed to be child or kid friendly. Always inform us if you are traveling with children or babies.

What is the Payment or Refund Policy?2019-05-11T10:17:00+02:00

Before booking any apartment, make sure to read the Terms & Conditions. All apartments have different ways in terms of payment and refund policy. As a standard procedure for many apartment rentals, upon confirmation of booking the apartment, a deposit of 20% will be required. The other 80% will be collected closer to your arrival date. The refund policy is entirely up to the owner.

How do I know that my pre-payment is secure?2019-05-11T10:15:43+02:00

It’s important that you know who you are dealing with. The safest way to book is through bank transfer or credit card. We  accept credit card payments.

Is smoking allowed at the apartment?2019-05-11T10:14:19+02:00

All villas prohibit smoking in any indoor areas at the apartment. However, there are many outdoor areas at the apartment where guests are allowed to smoke.

What is the cost to rent a apartment?2019-05-11T10:13:13+02:00

There is an apartment to suit every budget. We offer apartments starting from US$30/per night and everything in between.

How can i pay?2019-05-11T09:30:23+02:00

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